Watch this guy transform from Otaku to Oppa in the fifth episode of 美发达人 The Hair Makeover Gurus

Missed out on the fifth episode of 美发达人 The Hair Makeover Gurus? Here’s a sneak peak of the third episode!

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Here’s what we know from the fifth episode:

If you think of the phrase ‘messy hair, don’t care’, Jing embodies that exactly. He doesn’t go out often and with his homebody personality, it gives him a reason to not keep himself well-groomed and presentable. In this episode, Pei Shi thinks that it’s finally time for Jing to step out of his comfort zone and try out a totally different attention-grabbing style.

She seeks the help of Alex Neo, Director of The Lawn, who is known for ensuring that no two clients have the same hair colour through his unique combinations and techniques. At first glance, Alex points out that the main issue is that Jing doesn’t take care of his hair, visiting the salon only once in long periods of time. However, his thick hair gives much potential to create the perfect K-pop star style.

With the aim to become more confident with an attention-grabbing new look, Jing places his fears and doubts aside to trust Alex and his expertise in giving him a total makeover. After assessing his hair, Alex decides to maintain Jing’s length with disconnected layers and hair texturising. The big transformation, however, lies in the change of hair colour. Alex uses Goldwell LightDimensions and Goldwell Elumen to achieve a glowing orange shade for Jing.

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Lo and behold, Jing debuts an eye-catching bright orange effortless hairstyle. Achieving just what he wanted, the dashing new oppa considers this makeover a huge success. To maintain this hair colour and look, Alex recommends DualSenses Color Extra Rich range and styling products from the Goldwell StyleSign range such as Creative Texture RoughMan and Texturizer Texturising Mineral Spray.

Variety show 美发达人 The Hair Makeover Gurus, challenges hairstylists from eight salons to give models a hair makeover, while solving various hair dilemmas they have.

You may recognise a familiar face as the host of the 8-episode series is Aarah Wong, one of the artistes signed under actor Li Nanxing’s management company LNX Global. The show also features Pei Shi, a content creator known for her bubbly personality and beauty knowledge, who brings her friends onto the show for makeovers.

Aired monthly, the mPlay Asia series is powered by Goldwell and the hairstylists use the brand’s permanent hair colour, styling and homecare products.

Catch Jing’s full fabulous makeover in the fourth episode of the variety show on mPlay Asia and all the latest show updates from Goldwell on Instagram and Facebook.