Want to fix flat straight hair? Here are 3 easy ways to get a chic textured hairstyle everyday

There are some hairstyles that we just wished we had naturally. For most of us Asians, we admire the wavy effortless look with volume that bounces in the wind as we walk, a look that we often see in western television or advertisements. Well good for us, it’s not that difficult to achieve that style daily. Here are three easy ways:

1. Achieve a good cut

Needless to say, to aim for a style that we like, we first gauge if our current hairstyle is versatile enough to achieve that. And if it isn’t, we proceed to the salon to switch it up. Going for a shorter hairstyle may be better in terms of attaining volume in your look. This is because longer lengths tend to be thinner and lay flatter.

However, if a short look isn’t your thing, collarbone-length or even adding layers will add body to it. It is important to balance between dimension in your layers and having too many layers (we want to avoid the choppy look!). Having the perfect fringe length is also able to provide volume immediately without much effort because it gives the illusion of more body in your hair.

Seeking the advice of your hairstylist would be the way to go as they are able to suggest the best style for your facial features and shape.

2. Work well with your brush and hairdryer, or just blow upside down

There is much magic that can be done with just your daily hair-drying routine, contrary to common perception. With a brush that has a wide barrel introduced into the routine, you are able to create the kind of subtle volume to your strands that are achieved in salons. If you’re on the lazy side (I know most of us are…), simply tilt your head down and blow dry your hair from the roots to the ends, in sections. The second trick helps in preventing your roots going flat.

3. Invest in the right product that enhances volume

For some individuals, you may style your hair daily before you head out for the day. You would need a product that helps keep your efforts in place through your appointments of the day. And even if you’re someone who just doesn’t have the time or energy to keep up with that everyday, using a volumising hairspray can also help perk up your strands and add fullness throughout the day.

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One product that has been raved about is the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray. “[The] Dry Texturizing Spray was designed by Oribe Canales with a specific need in mind: To deliver texture and volume with shine,” said Daniel Kaner, Oribe Co-Founder and President.

It has been one of the brand’s top-selling products for over a decade and helps give you big, glamorous hair. “When it was introduced in 2010, there was nothing like it on the market,” Daniel said. With no white cast or powdery residue, the invisible dry hair spray instantly transforms hair by building in great volume and texture. It also contains patented polymers that absorb oil at the roots, leaving you with just-styled hair for days (and nights).

Size: 8.5oz/300ml Price: $68

Some of its ingredients are

  • Zeolite Crystallines that act like tiny sponges to absorb dirt, oils and odour
  • Ginger Root Extract softens and strengthens hair from root to tip
  • Specialty Copolymer Blend allows hairstyles to hold longer.
  • Oribe Signature Complex (Watermelon, Lychee and Edelweiss Flower) defends hair from oxidative stress, photoaging and the deterioration of natural keratin, all while protecting from the drying, damaging and color-depleting effects of external elements

And if you’re thinking of adding this product to your collection, you’re in luck because they’ve just released their special limited-edition version, with an illustration of co-founder and legendary hairstylist Oribe Canales.

About the artwork:

The classic black-and-gold Dry Texturizing Spray can and outer box are adorned with a colorful illustration of Oribe Canales, illustrated by New York-based artist Alvaro, and uses his own elegant signature in place of the logo, making for a playfully modern collectible.

The resulting “muscle man” image takes its inspiration from Oribe’s love of 1950’s rock ‘n’ roll, Pop Art and American pinup-girl style. The cheeky drawing encapsulates his iconic and ever-growing sleeve of tattoos, including an image of the King of Pop, the U.S. flag, and a Japanese koi fish. “Oribe was the Elvis and the Picasso of hair,” says Alvaro.

In a nod to his hairdressing artistry, Oribe is depicted holding a styling comb. Alvaro recalled that while posing for him, Oribe would unwittingly emulate the supermodels with whom he so often worked: “He would smack his lips like Cindy Crawford without even realizing that he was doing it. He was the easiest person to work with: He was theatrical, glamorous, comical and never boring. Watching him work was like watching an artist — he had a magic touch.”

For more information, contact Goldwell on Instagram or purchase the new limited-edition at Oribe salon partners nationwide here:

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