Want the latest trendy, light hair colors without the damage? Consider your wish granted, with no fear!

When we think of exploring creative hair colors, bleaching our hair to rid its natural dark pigments is necessary for most Asians, as the hair needs to be a light-colored base, for creative colors to be added after. And bleaching hair needs to be done professionally; DIY hair bleached badly and done often suffers from frizziness, dryness, unevenness and even breaking. An overly damaged condition will also lead to your unicorn hair colors fading faster than you hope, and all your investments going down the drain.

Well, what if there’s a type of hair bleach that works to prevent that, and protects your hair while giving you THE blonde you need? Because there is. Leading hair expert brand Goldwell has released a new line of hair bleaching system and aftercare products that will take care of your colored hair, from start to finish.

4 things to know about the new LightDimensions hair bleaching system

  1. Choose your right shade of blonde – your stylist will find getting your hair to the right level of blonde so much easier now with LightDimensions. It allows powerful hair lightening and “lifts” the color of your hair up to 9+ levels (there are a total of 10 hair color levels), to give you stunning balayage looks to cool-toned silvers. This also allows freedom to achieve those trending hair colors you want so much.
  2. Decrease your time on the salon chair – we know how many hours of our day it takes to get your dream hair colour in one salon visit. With LightDimensions, it’s not only stronger but it also works faster than other bleaches – so you can leave the salon sooner.
  3. Say bye to “dirty” yellow shades – typical bleaches tend to produce a yellowish blonde result, causing your creative colour to look “dirty” in a matter of days. LightDimensions contain an Anti-Yellow System technology that enhances the lightening performance, giving you the ideal blonde you want.
  4. Protect your hair – LightDimension’s BondPro+ Technology protects and strengthens hair fibres during the bleaching process, reducing damage to your hair and prevents breakage; because who wants coloured but falling hair?

Why should you care about aftercare products?

Many may assume that the process of achieving colored hair stops after the color treatment at the salon. However, maintaining the condition and color of your hair afterwards is equally important as the coloring process.

To keep your hair colors bright and fresh, investing in the right care products is a must, and not any shampoo works for dyed hair. Many ordinary shampoos or conditioners contains ingredients that may strip the color out of your hair.

Your hair was protected by LightDimension’s technology during the bleaching process, so it’s only right to use the right haircare products to maintain your hair’s healthy condition. That’s why Goldwell launched the Dualsenses Bond Pro products that work hand-in-hand with LightDimensions bleach to give you stronger, coloured hair.

3 things to know about the new DualSenses Bond Pro range

    1. Anyone can use it – have thick, thin, frizzy or dry hair? No one has to miss out as the range is suitable for all hair types!
    2. Reduce color fade – What’s colored hair aftercare products if it doesn’t effectively protect your hues? Its innovative technology distributes essential care ingredients both quickly and evenly, allowing you to see and feel instant results.
    3. Have stronger hair – you don’t have to have fragile hair that breaks after bleaching or coloring processes. The Dualsenses Bond Pro range provides instant strength and resilience for weak, fragile hair that is prone to breakage. It reinforces and restructures hair from the roots to ends while conditioning dry and damaged areas to attain smoother hair. This is due to the integrated Inter-Amino-Bond-Builder working from inside out. What is it exactly? It involves compounds of red and brown algae extracts that form ionic and hydrogen bonds, making the hair fibre stronger and more resilient.

What are the DualSenses Bond Pro products? 

FORTIFYING SHAMPOO 250ml (Retail $30): Instantly delivers structure and care for weak, fragile hair while its Goldwell exclusive FadeStopFomula minimizes colour fading with every use
FORTIFYING CONDITIONER 200ml (Retail $32): Immediately creates stronger hair with visibly less breakage while protecting against further mechanical damage when combing or brushing
60SEC TREATMENT 200ml ($32): Strengthens hair fibre by up to 100% instantly in 60 seconds to prevent split ends and seal the cuticle for smoothness, combability, and protection, all without weighing down hair
REPAIR & STRUCTURE SPRAY 150ml ($36): Smooths hair’s surface and prepares it for blow-drying while providing long-lasting cuticle protection and resilience against day-to-day stressors, even on fine, fragile hair
DAY & NIGHT BOND BOOSTER 75ml ($32): Reduces breakage and split ends by up to 99% while imparting long-term strength and stability to each individual hair strand. This specific formula supports the Bond Protein network and provides strengthening benefits.
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You can find the new LightDimensions in-salon service and Dualsenses Bond Pro hair care range at all participating Goldwell salons.

For more enquires, contact Goldwell Singapore here.