Trouble Styling Short or Frizzy Hair? Here Are Proven Effective Products Suitable For Singapore’s Weather

Proven Effective Products Used In These Makeovers

It’s Phase 3 (HA) and busy work from home (WFH) and home-based learning (HBL) arrangements continue. With meetings or interviews done via video calls, it only means that our hair is still one of the most, if not the most, important feature that makes us look presentable. Let’s admit it, all of us seek a fuss-free solution to quickly style our hair to appear in front of the screen for that hour or so.

It’s also no doubt that Singapore’s humidity is a big factor in causing frizzy hair for many of us. It’s barely the start of June and the warm and humid weather is only expected to continue.

Hair brand KMS, an expert in easy hair styling products, has the solution to perfectly help us with our manes. The brand believes that style matters, and that it should be easy to achieve effortless and trendy hair looks outside the salon with their products. For six ladies, they got the chance to have a hair makeover at salons. Each of them received a haircut followed by the use of KMS products that helped to attain the same stylish looks at home. The products range in different purposes that it is fulfils – styling with hot tools, achieving natural texture, having long-lasting styles and taming frizz. Read on to see their transformations and find out what they used!

For Hot Tools

1. Qiu Xin
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Product used: KMS Thermashape Hot Flex Spray

How to use: Spray into towel-dried hair, blow-dry and shape with hot tools

Salon visited: Hair Treasures

For Qiu Xin, Hair Treasures transformed her hair from a classic straight look to natural elegant waves, with the use of a hot curling iron. The KMS product she used is the KMS Thermashape Hot Flex Spray that not only provided heat protection against the curling iron, but also helped her curls to last the entire day. The spray is ideal for creating curls, especially for people with straight hair which counts for a lot of Singaporeans. It actually contains a special chemical that melts with heat and solidifies when cooled down, which explains the powerful effect it has.

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For Natural Texture

2. SueLyn

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Product used: KMS Hairplay Sea Salt Spray

How to use: Spray into towel-dried hair and air-dry or blow-dry for light texture. For additional fullness and grip spray into dry hair and blast dry

Salon visited: O’Color Hair Salon

SueLyn has fine hair and for her makeover, she opted for a mid-length hair cut. Her hairstyle was enhanced with the use of the KMS Hairplay Sea Salt Spray, which helped with her flat hair by providing fullness to it. The spray creates fresh just-out-of-the-ocean texture that you see at the beach and gives you waves with a matte finish. It also contains grape seed oil that has a high content of Vitamin E, keeping moisture in the hair.

For Long-Lasting Looks

3. Shanice

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Product used: KMS Hairstay Firm Finishing Hairspray

How to use: Spray 10-12″ (25-30cm) from your final style.

Salon visited: Les Cheveux

 At Les Cheveux, Shanice wanted a shorter cut that still allowed her to have gorgeous curls. Her bouncy waves were held in place for the duration of the entire day by the KMS Hairstay Firm Finishing Hairspray, a quick fix to have a non-sticky and lasting look. It provides a strong and quick-drying hold on the hair without the typical crunch or residue left by many hairsprays. Given Singapore’s weather, it’s an added plus that the product protects hair from high-humidity and its pomegranate ingredient helps with UV damage from the sun.

4. Debbie

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Product used: KMS Hairstay Hard Wax

How to use: Emulsify a small amount in your palms and work through towel-dried or dry hair.

Salon visited: HairForm

Debbie’s major makeover saw her go from straight mid-length hair to a short pixie cut. She took a step not many dare to go for and the result is a fresh youthful cut for the mum of two. Another product that helps with long-lasting hairstyles is the KMS Hairstay Hard Wax, which provided a strong and natural hold to Debbie’s short cut. Even though it is a wax, it is non-sticky and allows the hair to be re-styled into different looks.

For Frizz

5. Mia

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Product used: KMS Tame Frizz Smoothing Lotion

How to use: Work through towel-dried hair and blow dry or air dry.

Salon visited: Kenaris Salon

For stay-at-home mum Mia, she knows how a good hairstyle affects her attitude. At Kenaris Salon, Dylan used the KMS Tame Frizz Smoothing Lotion after her haircut. The product works especially well for those with medium to thick, course hair and solves the problem of flyaways and static caused by humidity, due to its innovating shaping ingredients. Despite being a leave-in product, it has a lightweight formula that also restores the hair’s elasticity and promotes smoother hair ends with less breakage. Look at her transformation in her Instagram post!

6. Si Qin

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Product used: KMS Tame Frizz Curl Leave-In Conditioner

How to use: For curly hair. Apply to shampooed hair, and leave in. No need to rinse.

Salon visited: Hair by Billie Hair Salon

Another product that tames frizzy hair is the KMS Tame Frizz Curl Leave-In Conditioner, used on Si Qin in her makeover. Look at the before and after in her post and see how effective the leave-in conditioner is on her hair! As a leave-in product, it makes it the ultimate lazy-girl hack to achieving smooth and frizz-free hair. It moisturises the hair and detangles curls without weighing them down, creating a perfect base hairstyles.


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