Trendy Hair Colors Made Wearable

Discover New Hair Color Ideas and Looks

Need some new hair color inspiration? Black Hair Salon is here to offer you the latest looks you can pull off.

Their Hair Creation Project returns this year with the theme of “Trendy Colors Made Wearable”. Through their creations, their hair artists have showcased their interpretation of what is known as the hottest trends – #Moneypiece highlights, #HalfandhalfHair and the #EarloopPeekabooHighlight. Forget about whole head dye colours, here are some ways you can mix different colours and stand out from the crowd.

The #Moneypiece highlights – Complements Your Mask

#Moneypiece highlights involve brightening of the hair around the hairline. Juxtaposing between cool toned ash purple and warm color of orange, it creates an exciting contrast while framing the face. #EarloopPeekabooHighlight is also incorporated at the bottom section of the hair where it can be tucked behind the ear, creating a bright pop of color. With the need to wear a mask these days, the sides of your face attract more attention, making this the perfect color style to go for.


Playing with contrasting colors on the color wheel, the bright yellow #peekaboohighlight in this look stands out distinctively with the specially concocted muted ash purple base. When styled with wavy fringe and tousled curls, it gives an edgy outlook and fun liveliness to the hair.

#Moneypiece highlights and #Halfandhalfhair

This look makes all pops of color wearable, weaving the #Moneypiece highlights in addition to the #HalfandhalfHair trend. It is created with cool ash on the left side and warm brown on the right. Subtle, yet vogue.

Each year, Black Hair Salon organizes the Hair Creation Project with the goal to stir and encourage the team’s creativity and exploration spirit. In this unique pandemic situation, the salon hopes to bring light and joy through these exciting colors. This year they have partnered with Goldwell, where the team created three distinctive hair creations with Goldwell’s high quality hair dye.

Black Hair Salon was founded by Raymond and Anthony in the year 2000. Inspired by the love for fashion and beauty, the salon is driven with the passion to strive towards delivering the best services to their loyal customers. By placing emphasis on providing hospitality and a vibrant atmosphere, customers entering their salon get a sense of warmth that feels just like home. They aim for every customer to receive a personalized experience, allowing them to walk out of the salon with style that exudes individuality and confidence.

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