This is THE Hair Colour of 2022 as Predicted by Goldwell Hair Experts

We’ve all heard the phrase where a colour is deemed “the new black”. And every year, certain hair colours emerge to be a huge trend. For 2022, pink is certainly the new black. No, we’re not talking about BlackPink. We’re talking about the playful pink shade, Bubblegum, named as Colour of the Year by Goldwell hair experts.

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Ever wanted to dye your hair with something youthful but not sure which colour to go for? Or thoughts of having Avril Lavigne-inspired hair? Bubblegum could be your pick this year. Described as a “retro- futuristic” pink shade, it’s a fun hue that balances between vibrant, hot pink and classic pastels. The underlying blue tone adds a balanced freshness and creates a colour that is versatile but measured. It has that charming duality that is sure to compliment a wide range of people. 

Not only does it appeal to many, it also has a meaningful reason behind why it was chosen. Jane Boddy, Goldwell Global Colour Expert, says that “we can see that optimism will be a key trend for 2022 and Bubblegum is the perfect emblem for it.”

Indeed, with Covid-19 around and the world picking up with the new normal, the optimistic energy has never been more prominent. Additionally, with how progressive society is becoming, gone are the days of pink being associated with feminine roots; it is now considered a colour that has defined the times. 

The perfect shade embodies a shift in attitude not only in fashion, beauty and lifestyle, but an overall outlook on femininity and culture, establishing a newfound level of respect for the shade.

“This playful, inclusive colour represents diversity, self-identity, fun and freedom, which is something our stylists couldn’t wait to start replicating in their colour formulas,” says John Moroney, Global Creative Director of Goldwell. 

“Striking the unique balance between flirtatious and wholesome, cool and warm, and soft and strong, the dynamic aspects of Bubblegum will infuse the look with a head-turning dramatic effect like no other.”

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