The Next Hair Color Trends of 2021

It was 2020 where major hair color trends entered the scene, with styles such as money piece highlights or half and half head (revisit the trends here). It included clever combinations of warm and cool tones that went beyond traditional hair color.

The global pandemic didn’t stop creativity in hair, and possibly encouraged it with salons closed and people left to be their own hairstylists during quarantine. The creativity continues in 2021, with new colors already set to be the next big trend.

Hair brand Goldwell created a number of key looks using their forecasted trend colors in particular, and they are sure to inspire you for your next trip to the salon.

Each look is produced using various shades, even though it may not seem like it. Take this magenta look for example – the technique combines shades of rose, pink and black to achieve such results, giving it a 3-dimensional look.

2021 hair color trend

And for a more obvious look that contains a blend of colors, the Rosé Blonde is achieved through a pink salt color at the roots which fades into an overcast white towards the ends.

2021 hair color trend

The main colors for these looks are derived from Goldwell’s 2021 Trend Color palettes, one influenced by basic colors while the other by the nostalgic 70s. 

The Basics Color Palette

Last year, everyone was stripped from over-the-top fashion and styles and the pandemic situation brought all to recognize the essentials. Thus, this year, the Goldwell color trend embraces the feeling of simplicity – A neutral palette that embraces softness in the hair, with true natural colors mixed with warmth.

The de-saturated colors go from soft dark tones to light, almost-pastel shades.

2021 color trend

Nostalgic 70s Color Palette

However, going back to the basics doesn’t mean that there’s no pop of fun. Inspiration for fashion today unarguably comes from the past, with glimpses of the 70s (denim, button down shirts or graphic tees, scrunchies, the list goes on…) visible on the streets today. Another Goldwell palette that is set to enter the scene in the new year are nostalgic bright colors. Greatly inspired by the iconic 70s, they serve classic retro vibes.

2021 color trend

The Goldwell Color Trend for 2021 takes inspiration from our experiences in 2020, encapsulating colors that are representative of different moods. There were times where we lived with the essentials and basics, and others where we wanted to escape the current reality to gain some excitement. As a whole, we lived with a new balance – aptly expressed through looks with a blend of both palettes.

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