The Next Color You Need to Add to Your Looks

4 (+1) ways to incorporate Lilac and increase your style cred

Venturing to new color territories can be daunting and we often stick to colors that are hard to go wrong. But we have to admit, it can get repetitive and it’s difficult to stand out from the crowd.

Thus, lilac is a great color to start with to break that color boundary. The pop of pale purple adds color yet doesn’t scream a big change from the usual black and dark blues.

One major way to make yourself stand out and a sure way to add color to your look is with your hair. Yes, lilac hair. You don’t have to add a colored clothing or accessory if you already got color on you.

As someone who has had her fair share of having colored hair, I could say that it makes dressing up easier sometimes. No extra thought has to be given in trying to incorporate color into my outfit when my hair already adds color to my look. It’s an effortless way to stand out from the crowd.

(read more about Goldwell’s 2021 Hair Colors of The Year here)

This isn’t a move that is suited for everyone but if you’re up for an adventure, lilac hair could certainly place you on the next level of cool. (Read on till the end to find out where you can achieve the lilac hair of your dreams.)

And if lilac hair is indeed way too daunting, lilac clothes and accessories are easy too. Wearing them easily elevates your outfit even if it’s just a basic piece. Switching up your basic items to lilac allows you to incorporate color into your everyday looks and increases your style cred. Here are 4 easy-to-wear basic lilac pieces to own:

Your comfy sweater

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Your everyday tank top

lilac top editors market

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Your work pants (or dress it down to turn your outfit casual)

lilac pants

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Your everyday handbag

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Where to achieve the perfect lilac hair:

lilac hair

You can achieve this color at hair salons carrying Goldwell hair dye, such as Evolve Salon and Starlight Salon. Simply request for the “Lilac Aura”, Goldwell’s choice for Color of The Year 2021.

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