Hair Products for Coloured Hair Recommended by Hairstylists

More often than not, dyeing your hair was either a well-deliberated decision or an impulse choice. All of us see aesthetic hair colours on Instagram and TikTok, how people pull off different shades which influences us to want beautiful coloured hair as well. Looking good is just one aspect of having that dyed-hair life. An aspect that is often not discussed about having dyed-hair is the way to keep your hair hydrated and reach the texture to what it was before.

In fact, after your hair is dyed with colours, it is impossible to have your hair reach the healthy state of virgin hair. This is because in the process of dyeing, your hair cuticles open and lose moisture and keratin, while the dye is deposited into the strand.

However, it is possible to still have healthy hair after getting it dyed. Thankfully, there are the right products out there that keep your hair looking healthy and its colour vibrant. For 9 ladies, they had their hair coloured and had their stylists recommend them products to use at home to keep their eye-catching locks looking fresh.

  1. For Anti-Yellow Hair: Dualsenses Blonde & Highlights Shampoo and Conditioner

This shampoo and conditioner is said to get rid of the faded and dull looking yellow tones that occur when coloured hair fade (Those who have had coloured hair would know exactly what this unwanted yellow tone is…). It instantly brings out colour luminosity and helps to maintain vibrant shades.

This is made possible with its built-in colour protection and it also contains a special type of technology in the formula called the FadeStopFormula which minimises colour fading with every use. The conditioner helps to detangle hair immediately which is helpful for coloured hair as it tends to turn dry.

Here are three looks where the hairstylist recommended this range to be used post-dye treatment:

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Hair makeover done at: Hair Treasures

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Hair makeover done at: Hairform Salon

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Hair makeover done at: Les Cheveux Salon


2. To Reduce Colour Fading and Create Extra Shine: Kerasilk Colour Shampoo & Conditioner

Unbeknown to many, one of the main tricks to achieving everlasting beautiful hair colour is the care that you give your hair after dyeing it. This range helps with that and it aims to provide maximum brilliance that shines from within your hair. It offers a long-lasting transformation and exceptional colour radiance for up to 6 weeks post-dye treatment.

The sulfate-free shampoo is gentle and it cleanses the hair thoroughly while reducing the fading of colour. Together with the conditioner that moisturizes and conditions with its creamy formula, it’s sure to leave your hair silky and weightless.

 Here are two examples where this shampoo and conditioner would be the perfect post-dye treatment care:

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Hair makeover done at: BG Salon

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Hair makeover done at: TIPPoint Hair Studio


3. For Thicker Coloured Hair: Dualsenses Colour Extra Rich Shampoo & Conditioner

This range works for not only coloured hair but non-coloured hair as well. It instantly brings out colour luminosity on all hair and especially so for salon-coloured tresses. An extra selling point? It caters to those with thicker and coarser hair. On top of keeping your hair vibrant, it also contains the FadeStopFormula which minimises colour fading with every use.

The benefits of this range make it suitable for these ladies’ hair types:

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Hair makeover done at: J+ Hair Salon

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Hair makeover done at: Hair by Billie Salon

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Hair makeover done at: O’Color Hair Salon


4. Elumen Shampoo, Conditioner and Leave In Conditioner

For hair that is specifically dyed in salons using Elumen, an ammonia and peroxide-free dye, the aftercare in this range works well together to give tresses beautiful colour from beginning to end.

This colour shampoo is suitable for all hair types and it gently cleanses and supports the repairing effects of Elumen. The repairing effects refer to the technology it has, that refills the damaged areas inside the hair strands. Not only does it give you vibrant colour, this range gives you a healthy hair feel.

The conditioner and light-weight leave-in conditioner works for fine to normal Elumen-coloured hair. They detangle strands instantly for better management.

Shermaine had her hair dyed with Elumen and here’s how it turned out:

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Hair makeover done at: Super Blades

Interested to find out more about which hair dye you should go for in the salon or which after-care works best for you? Contact Goldwell Singapore here to find out more.