From grown-out brown hair to a refreshed goddess look, get inspired by Joycelyn’s makeover in the 美发达人 The Hair Makeover Gurus

Caught the fourth episode of 美发达人 The Hair Makeover Gurus yet? Read on to find out what you’ve missed!

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Here’s what we know from the fourth episode:

Just like many of us, Joycelyn dyed her hair a shade of brown to amp up her look. However, after leaving the salon, she did not manage to keep up with proper hair care that maintains both the quality of her hair colour and style. More than a year passes by which leaves her to where she is today.

Having lost its colour and shine, her hair has uneven colouring with several layers of shades at the bottom part of her hair. Her friend Pei Shi encourages her to restore her hair with a more natural hue and switch up her appearance to a more feminine style inspired by Korean beauty icons.

In this episode, she seeks the help of Ken Hong, Salon Director of Evolve Salon. He is known for creating fresh and experimental hairstyles that elevate the ordinary and has been spotted in numerous fashion magazines and shows.

Restoring Joycelyn’s natural hairdo, Ken provides a trim to get rid of the dry ends and applies a hair dye for a brighter shine. He uses Goldwell Topchic and Newance Fashion to achieve elegant browns that match her skin complexion. Because of the hair dye used, a twist was added! Under different lightings, Joycelyn’s rich chocolate-brown hair also reveals different undertones, from ash brown to red. Joycelyn sports a trendy coffee-chocolate hair colour, instantly debuting a more youthful and energetic appearance, from shy and dull to an alluring goddess glow.

Ken teaches her to learn from her mistakes and highlights the importance of maintaining a dye job beyond the salon with a good shampoo and conditioner, and a hair mask twice a week. He recommends using the range, and from Goldwell. Not only do these hair products provide volume to her luscious locks, Joycelyn also says that her hair is softer and has a nice fragrance.

Variety show 美发达人 The Hair Makeover Gurus, challenges hairstylists from eight salons to give models a hair makeover, while solving various hair dilemmas they have.

You may recognise a familiar face as the host of the 8-episode series is Aarah Wong, one of the artistes signed under actor Li Nanxing’s management company LNX Global. The show also features Pei Shi, a content creator known for her bubbly personality and beauty knowledge, who brings her friends onto the show for makeovers.

Aired monthly, the mPlay Asia series is powered by Goldwell and the hairstylists use the brand’s permanent hair colour, styling and homecare products.

Catch Joycelyn’s full fabulous makeover in the fourth episode of the variety show on YouTube and all the latest show updates from Goldwell on Instagram and Facebook.