ELUMEN – Brighter, Non-Damaging Colour

Get the hair colour you want with the fun colour product by Goldwell!

Long lasting or semi-permanent colour? The flexibility is yours. With the new Elumen colour collection, it’ll provide you the healthy shining hair colour you’re looking for.

Permanent Colour: Shine with bright and vibrant colours

Elumen provides you the opportunity to let your creativity run wild. Unlike oxidative colours, mixing results are immediately visible with Elumen, allowing for tailored unique colour combinations. Its intense colour also creates shine while leaving the hair healthy-looking.

Healthy and Non-Damaging

Not only does it look good, it makes your hair feel good. Ammonia-free, non-oxidative and gentle for the hair, it has a repair-effect. It fills porous areas of the hair and improves the hair structure so that light reflects perfectly, making it shine.


While refilling damaged areas in the hair, it has the technology of the magnet-effect. The pigments are physically drawn deep inside the hair and anchored securely to produce intensive and long-lasting colour results. It works entirely without oxidising.

Preference for Temporary Dye

Introducing Elumen Play, a range of semi-permanent dye with the same benefits in 13 new colours. With Elumen Play’s HDmax Technology, the colour remains on the outer and inner levels of the hair cuticle, allowing them to fade on tone. Frequent changing of colours isn’t a problem either as with Elumen Play Eraser, users get to go with drastic colour changes without excessive hair damage.



We had the pleasure to meet Jacky Tan from Starlight Salon, Elumen expert and 1 of 4 internationally appointed hair colourists to showcase the new Elumen Play.

Watch Jacky as he demonstrates how Elumen Play is designed for maximum colour fun!


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