After 20 years of the same hairstyle, catch Dawn’s makeover from girl-next-door to Asian Baby Girl

Wondering what’s on the next episode of 美发达人 The Hair Makeover Gurus? Here’s a sneak peak of the third episode!


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Here’s what we know from the third out of eight episode:

After a recent fight with her boyfriend, Dawn feels down. Pei Shi recruits the help of Jason Lim, Creative Director and Branch Manager of Super Blades, to give her a makeover and confidence boost. With 11 years of experience in the hair industry, he is trusted to help give Dawn a 100% transformation after 20 years of the same look.

From glamorous highlights to show-stopping colours and classic hairstyles, Jason’s versatility in tailoring styles to complement individual features shone through with the makeover he gave Dawn. Her existing hairstyle leaned towards the plain side and is thick and flat. To enhance her facial contours and shape, he gives her hair a fresh collarbone-length cut, adding layers and trimming the side of the bangs as well to make the hairstyle versatile for when she ties her hair up.

Analysing her skin tone, Jason suggests a hair colour that is warmer. He uses Newance by Tophic, Oxycur Platin, Structure Equalizer and Bondpro+ Protection Serum for a trendy ash milk tea shade, leaving her more stylish than ever before. He doesn’t stop there in achieving and maintaining the ideal hair colour. To keep the ash-colour luminous and neutralise unwanted yellow tones, he recommends using the DualSenses Blondes & Highlights Shampoo and Conditioner too.

When styling, Smooth Control Smoothing Blow Dry Spray and Diamond Gloss Protect & Shine Spray from the StyleSign Just Smooth line come in handy to tame frizz and keep the short ‘do manageable.

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Dawn admits that initially, she was worried about her big transformation after so many years. But her nervousness all went away when she saw the results. Feeling satisfied, she thinks her boyfriend pays more attention to her now, achieving her goal. But more importantly, she immediately felt more confident and loves herself more. She adds that she can even wear more clothes that she wants to easily match her hairstyle.

Variety show 美发达人 The Hair Makeover Gurus, challenges hairstylists from eight salons to give models a hair makeover, while solving various hair dilemmas they have.

You may recognise a familiar face as the host of the 8-episode series is Aarah Wong, one of the artistes signed under actor Li Nanxing’s management company LNX Global. The show also features Pei Shi, a content creator known for her bubbly personality and beauty knowledge, who brings her friends onto the show for makeovers.

Aired monthly, the series is powered by Goldwell and the hairstylists use the brand’s permanent hair colour, styling and homecare products.

Catch Dawn’s full fabulous makeover in the third episode of the variety show on YouTube and all the latest show updates from Goldwell on Instagram and Facebook.