5 reasons why you have weak hair and the perfect fix from Oribe

Think you may have weak hair but you have no idea why? 

It can be pretty demoralising when we put a lot of effort into our appearance and in looking good but our hair doesn’t look the way we hope. Signs of having weak hair can both be visible and non visible, and when visible signs such as split ends are evident, it’s something that we want to fix for our hair to look and be healthy.

Besides having split ends, whereby the strand of your hair splits like an unravelled rope because it is dry or brittle, other signs of weak hair are increased hair fall and easily broken hair. They’re not the same; the first is when your hair falls from the follicle on your scalp while the latter refers to when your hair strand breaks. 

In this article, we talk about 5 common causes of weak hair. Plus, read on to find out the perfect hair products from Oribe to help regain strength in your hair and keep your locks healthy.

1. Overusing of hot tools

If you’re one to use hot hair styling tools daily to style your hair and are witnessing signs of weak hair, perhaps it is time to tone down on the use of the tools. When treated with extreme heat often, your hair shaft weakens, causing it to be dry, dull, brittle, rough and more. To counter this, you may have put in more effort by continuing to style your hair with the hot tools but it is counter productive. It is best to treat the root of the problem and regain moisture and strength in your locks.

2. External environmental impacts

Did you know? Your hair can get affected when it is exposed to environmental factors such as cigarette smoke and environmental pollutants. Dust and smoke air particles can also land on your scalp and cause it to be sensitive. Over time when faced in these conditions, it causes hair damage. When outdoors, sun damage is also possible due to harmful UVA and UVB rays and you may spot dry, frizzy and thinning hair. 

3. Menopause or pregnancy (hormones)

Our body produces hormones that are interlinked a lot with our appearance. Just as how our hormones can affect the appearance of our skin, it can impact our hair too. When you age and go through menopause, the rate of hair growth slows and your hair may appear thinner and less full. This is due to the drop of oestrogen levels that help with hair growth. Likewise for pregnancy, your hair may appear shinier and fuller because there’s a longer period of oestrogen levels. After pregnancy, your hair may appear significantly thinner as the hormone decreases again.

4. Stress

Another factor related to hormones, entering periods of extreme stress levels may affect the growth of your hair. This is because your hair follicles switch between ‘rest’ and ‘growth’ stages where at the end of the ‘rest’ cycle, your hair sheds. When under extreme stress, it abnormally pushes your hair into the ‘rest’ cycle. In a few months when it reaches the end of the cycle, you face greater hair loss when even combing your hair.

5. Genetic

Unfortunately, some of us are genetically predisposed to have hair that may be more prone to breakage, excess oil or frizz, which are all contributors to weak hair. In this case, the condition of your hair is passed down by your parents and the way to treat your strands is to use specific products that target your hair type and counter the problems that your hair faces.

The perfect fix: Oribe’s Hair Alchemy collection

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Now that you know the various reasons as to why your hair weakens, a great way to tackle it is a preventive measure – to treat and feed the hair directly with nutrition, vitamins and other helpful ingredients, just like how you would with your skincare or body. Oribe’s new hair product line, Hair Alchemy does exactly this.

The new collection of products are said to be the perfect antidote for fragile and weak strands and includes the Hair Alchemy Resilience Shampoo and Conditioner, along with Hair Alchemy Fortifying Treatment Serum. Targeted specifically for weak hair, it helps maintain hair health and prevent breakage before it occurs. The Hair Alchemy regimen strengthens strands from the inside out resulting in strong, resilient, lengthy locks.

The collection is suitable for all hair types that are weak, whether it’s brittle, coarse, fine or fragile, and for those prone to breakage and hair fall.

Hair Alchemy Resilience Shampoo [250ml – $72]

This protective and ultra-nourishing shampoo helps strengthen fragile, weak hair. Its curative blend of chia seed, bio-fermented bamboo leaf and plant-based protein penetrates the hair to build strength from within, while forming a scaffold around each hair fibre to reinforce strands. It also contains a floral blend of daisy and honeysuckle extracts which helps to lengthen locks by strengthening hair from the root and fortifying brittle ends.

Hair Alchemy Resilience Conditioner [200ml – $76]

Give your hair a dose of strength, softness and vitality with this indulgently conditioning hair therapy. Its curative blend of chia seed, bio-fermented bamboo leaf and plant-based protein helps create a protective shield around your strands to improve the hair’s structural integrity and prevent breakage. A multi- action hyaluronic acid complex also rehydrates from within to deliver a surge of moisture and improve elasticity. The result? Enjoy smooth, strong, ultra-resilient hair.

Hair Alchemy Fortifying Treatment Serum [175ml – $90]

To end off the treatment, this elixir combines a curative blend of chia seed, bio-fermented bamboo leaf and plant-based protein plus phytoceramides and cotton seed extract to shield and fortify fragile strands. The sheer, fast-absorbing serum creates a protective veil around each hair fibre to improve tensile strength and elasticity while preventing breakage by strengthening from within to encourage length.


The Hair Alchemy collection is now available at selected Oribe salons nationwide. Visit Oribe.com to find an Oribe salon near you.